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As technology advances, you want to make sure your computer equipment can keep pace with today's business demands. At RexCom we offer both software and hardware products that satisfy your business needs with the appropriate price and reliability to meet those needs. You do not always need the 'latest and greatest' to accomplish your business goals, but you do need to have the appropriate equipment and support to accomplish these tasks in an efficient manner. We always suggest software and hardware solutions from a hands on experience approach to minimize incompatibilities and to insure maximum integration efficiency.

Data Backups

RexCom can implement a non proprietor backup procedure to easily backup and restore your data. With our many years of experience, we are ability to offer variety of backup devices that require no fancy software to operate and eliminate the possibility of hardware obsolescence. 

  • USB removable devices.
  • Large capacity non proprietor data storage devices.

Digital Imaging

With the recent developments in digital reproduction, this has to one of the most rewarding endeavors that an individual can use. Customers now have the ability to capture full color still images with digital cameras, and flat bed scanners. As well as combine then with full motion video and professional sound. RexCom can provide you with the guidance in the proper equipment needed to capture the material you need and to reproduce these material on the proper format for output.

  • Digital Cameras
  • Flat Bed Scanners
  • Color Photo Inkjet Printers
  • Motion Cameras and Web Cams
  • Mpeg Audio Output Devices
  • Media Storage Devices - CDR-W, USB Memory modules
  • Professional consumables

Let us give you the big picture in digital reproduction, from the beginning procedure of obtaining digital images, to the final output production.

Peripheral Consumables

RexCom stocks all peripherals consumables that are used by the equipment we sell. No need to "chase" all over town for the proper consumable. We also carry a wide range of other consumables that your business may need. One quick call could save you hours in time and money locating the consumable you need now.